Retargeting Marketing & Programmatic Advertising Methods Conference
September 26, 2016 - London

TOPIC: Retail Mobile Behavioral Remarketing

This panel will focus on mobile strategy for programmatic advertising followed with behavioural remarketing methods.


Dr. Finn Macleod, Founder, ZenLikeFocus: Dr. Finn Macleod was a research fellow in applied mathematics, specialising in probability and machine learning. His first company, Beautiful Data got its break building data visualisation for Thomsone Reuters. His latest project, acquires data at scale and uses data science to find the right people to target on social media.

Paul Sullivan, Director Marketing & Business Development @ Modedaweb: Paul Sullivan is a leader in content personalization strategy, social outreach and conversion rate optimization in B2B webdesign. He specialises in working with Finance and Technology businesses but has experience in Property and Travel. Over the past seven years with the rise of Fintech, Paul has seen a number of startups come and go. Some well funded, some bootstrapped but many focused on the product and not the end user. It's this lack of long term vision that has led Paul to become a Fintech mentor focusing on Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement, to implement long term strategic growth plans. Paul is a regular Fintech panelist with BrightTalk, keynote speaker on Inbound Marketing and volunteer mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs. In his spare time he is also a charitable trustee and a social media council member at the Direct Marketing Association. He is recognized for his frank and direct speaking style but is always open to opinion and opposing perspective. Prior to his move into marketing Paul worked with some of the biggest names in banking including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse First Boston and UBS to name but a few. His passion in that space for automation of process with technology was both the end of one career and beginning of another. Unable to pursue a career in financial technology, he left and embarked into a marketing career of which he has excelled in a space he is totally comfortable with.